How You Can Create Great Photography

These days it's difficult to determine what is considered a great photograph. It's easy to conclude that if you have the most expensive equipment. You should then be able to create the best photograph. That's not the case even with today's technology. Technology has made it easier to take quality pictures at an affordable amount. You'll find that anyone can take a photograph, but making it a great photography takes skill. Having artistic ability and training are more important than having great equipment. You can overcome any limitations your equipment may have with artistic ability to create a great photograph. Creativity and knowing how to capture unique images is what will set your work apart from others. A great photograph is visually appealing to your client. It has the ability to hold your attention and generate deep thought. There are a few basic elements that make a great photograph. Focusing on these areas will allow you to stand above and beyond your competition. Remember your camera can't compose your image for you.

The single most important aspect of a great photograph is getting proper composition. How you place your subject and surrounding objects sets the tone of your picture. If you don't have the right composition then you won't be able to create a great photograph. It's the make or break element in creating a great photograph. You can take a picture that's not the most exciting to look at. Change the composition around to turn it into a picture that your reader can't take their eyes off of. Take your subject and take shots from different angles and heights. Creating different perspectives will allow you to get that great shot you desire. The shot has to be eye-catching and hold the viewer's attention to be a great one though. The attention to detail is what needs to stand out the most. If the shot has no detail or lacks the proper composition then your view will turn away and move on without taking notice.

Your use of lighting is also a very important and plays a major role in creating a great photograph. If you have no light to take a shot then there won't be a photograph. So, making sure you have proper lighting is most important. You then need to take that lighting and use it properly. Creating a silhouetted photo doesn't take as much light as a photo newborn photo session. Your lighting in these two instances are totally different. However, the lighting in both can be used to create a unique and detailed photograph. If your light is low and you don't have proper exposure your photography is going to turn out dark. You should consider light direction and the quality of the light as well as the color.

Our eyes are drawn more toward warmer colors such as orange and red. Cool colors such as greens and blues will draw the eyes of the viewer away. You can create a photo that has a 3D effect by using a Red object as your primary focus with a blue background. This is a great way to make your photo really stand apart. You have to remember that cool colors are soothing and peaceful. So, don't try to create shot that you want to portray lots of action. Vibrant colors and warm colors are what you want to use to get this effect. You want to make sure you get your colors right in post processing. You don't want green grass to look blue just to get a calming effect in your shot. Keep your colors true and don't try to totally change the objects original color.

A great photography can also be one that helps tell a story. If you are taking a portrait shot with people as your focus. You can allow your viewers a chance to be part of their story by proper placement within the shot. You can use post processing software to help illustrate an emotion by changing the eyebrows or creating a smile. This is an excellent way to create facial and hand gestures. Have a loving couple holding hands and staring into each others eyes is going to tell a story of love and show emotion. A couple waving their hands and giving the appearance of disagreement and discontent is going to look as though they are having an argument. These are the ways you can use your photo to tell a detailed story and make it a great photograph.

Trying to recreate what another photographer has already created never works. A great photographer should create their own masterpiece without using other photographer's ideas. @ photographer who looks at one's work and tries to duplicate it down to color and backdrop is cheating their client. Going out and creating a photo based a gut feeling and not having a set idea in mind beforehand will help set your apart from your competition as well. Make sure you are open-minded while trying to figure out what backdrops and unique objects you want to incorporate into your shot. Looking for a specific place on a beach or searching for the exact location another photographer used. Shows a lack of creativity and over time your portfolio will reflect it. Your clients will ask why all of your shots look the same and why you only use this field or that lighthouse as a backdrop.

Emotion is the last area that you should focus on while trying to create a great photograph. Capturing emotion is the one key element that any great photograph should have. Everyone's facial expression is unique and emotion can be seen in everyone's face. A person with a blank facial expression is showing emotion even if they don't realize it. A few emotions that most would think of are happiness, sadness, and excitement. If you stage these emotions and not capture them as a genuine emotion it will look staged or setup. Capturing raw and genuine emotion is rare. If you are a skilled photographer you'll be able to catch these rare glimpses into one's heart. Don't hesitate when you have the opportunity to capture these raw emotions. This is what will turn an average photograph into a great one.

The Many Uses Of A Helmet Camera

How the helmet camera was invented

Mountain biking is a sport which consists of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain. Most of the times, bikers would love to go for a ride towards a trail which has many scenic spots. Mountain biking is so exciting yet can be so unsafe if you go without being fully accessorized.

One such important mountain biking accessory is a helmet. It provides great head protection. The use of helmets is almost universal amongst all mountain bikers. Maybe, Mark Schulze considered these factors when he got the idea to invent the first helmet camera in 1987. With this, a biker gets the utmost head protection while having the chance to capture the beauty of nature without being distracted from the pedals.

The helmet camera pioneered when it captured the world's first mountain biking video. Wherein, the first available RCA-made chip camera was mounted to a motorcycle helmet. The camera fed signal via cable to a VCR inside a padded backpack. This was used by various mountain bikers to capture their rides. But after each ride, a wearer would complain of it, being heavy.

Soon, the head gear became a standard piece of equipment worn by sport aficionados to record and share their experiences. And with the introduction of digital cameras and smaller camera production, the helmet camera field also came into advancement. It was produced smaller in size and began recording to digital recorders with video displays. In 1991 World League of American Football introduced the innovation of a miniature camera mounted on the right side of the helmet worn by quarterbacks. USA Network and Aerial Video Systems of Burbank, California developed this rig. These were briefly used to feed live player's-eye-view footage in the professional American football. After players complained of the extra weight, the use of these rigs was discontinued and TV networks were also alarmed about the aggressive behaviour the cameras captured.

Reinvention of the helmet camera

Technology doesn't stop this rig to develop their newest generation. Features were made high-tech like on-screen menus, high definition format, 3D capabilities and waterproof enclosures. It is also became known as a micro video camera, bullet camera or lipstick camera. Many sports enthusiasts use this to capture the essence of their sports. Many paraglide pilots record their flights by using a bullet camera which they sometimes mount on their helmets. Cyclists love to use this as a safety aid and also allow them to record their journeys and any other incidents on their points of view. Recording from this was once used as court evidence when a British cyclist was convicted of abusing traffic enforcers in 2006. Fire fighters have also began using this kind of headgears as a tool to assess their responses to fires and allow the non-fire fighters to get a glimpse of what actually is going on inside a burning building. It is also being used now in the military, wherein video footages can be sent back to a command outpost.

Before you purchase a rig for you, you've got to consider some pointers. Do a lot of researching first and find one that will suit your needs and budget. Consider the sound and image quality, the size, durability and the mounting units. Good luck on finding the good camera and have fun capturing those moments when you least expected it to occur.

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Nude Photography As An Alternative To Standard Portraiture

Most people have the misconception that portrait photography means sitting on a stool in front of a camera. Many associate it with the concept of taking a passport or yearbook photo. While there are still people who think this way, photographers are moving forward by introducing new twists to such a classic and simple concept.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and photographers are finding new ways to capture moments through portraiture. A good photograph is priceless. It speaks volumes of who you are as a person when taken beautifully and artistically. It has the power to encapsulate a moment in time and immortalize every subject. Here are illustrations of the two most popular types and ways you can make them more special.


Individual portraits are perhaps the most common and popular of the bunch. Everyone needs a good photo and this is the best way to do it. Getting one is a great idea especially for momentous life events like graduations or winning a competition.

Portrait photography is also the choice of many parents who wish to have mementos of their kids as they grow older. Some even go to the extent of getting them taken every month (for infants and growing toddlers) or once a year. Doing so is a wonderful way of looking back and makes great keepsakes in the future. Such memorabilia are also a good idea for home decor purposes.

Spice up your pictures by bringing along different props. It is a great way of adding life to a photo and showing off who you are at a certain point in your life. Photographers might also suggest you dress up in costume, a common idea for things like high school graduation photos.

Another concept growing in popularity is nude photography. Consider this alternative especially when you are in your prime years. Taking photos in the buff is not about having the perfect body. Its goal is to expose who you are as a person with no inhibitions. It can also give life to the definition of a portrait being an "artistic representation" of a person.

Nude photography captures your every essence by revealing who you are without all the different layers covering you - the clothes, the makeup, and whatever accessories you use. It is the most genuine expression of who you truly are as a person.


Portrait photography has the power to capture the special and unique bond between two lovers. It is a common way of celebrating love; and it works not only for romantic couples but for others as well. Couple portraits work whether it is with you and your mom, dad, sibling, child, or anyone you want to be with. Outdoor settings are always a great idea for these photos. It allows you to be more relaxed and carefree - that, and because candid shots sometimes work best for these kinds of pictures.

Nude photography can also work if you are taking the photo with a romantic partner. It is the best way of proving your devotion for each other and showing how comfortable you are. Shoots inside a studio are the best ways to go about it if you are interested in the concept. It allows you and your partner to be intimate to capture a more sensual and beautiful portrait.

All About Sony Digital Cameras

Sony has been a trusted name in producing high-quality electronic innovations, including television sets, audio players, computers, video game consoles, and other entertainment gadgets. Its products are known to deliver excellent sights and sounds. Today, Sony digital cameras are also among the preferred models of both professional photographers and hobbyists. They have both point-and-shoot and DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras.

Cyber-shot is the brand's line of digital point-and-shoot cameras. This is something for you if you're just beginning to take photos or if you're looking for a handy camera that takes quality photos of your travels. Its models come in different specifications and prices. The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V is one of the highest-rated cameras of the brand. It's equipped with an 18.2-megapixel sensor, an impressive 30x optical zoom, and high-speed shooting capability of 10 frames per second. It gives you images with rich, clear details. But even the lowest Sony Cyber-shot cameras have high megapixel sensors (from 10 to 14.1) and are equipped with the brand's own Face Detection and SteadyShot technologies.

All cameras in the digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) line of Sony are named Alpha. Its Alpha models are classified into three - prosumer, single-lens translucent (SLT), and professional SLR. The prosumer is DSLR for the beginners. Its features and functions are specifically made to help those who have been using only point-and-shoot cameras, but would like to go into advanced photography. One example is the a390, which comes with an intuitive Graphic Display that helps you understand easily the relation between shutter speed and aperture, as well as the effects of your exposure settings on the final image. It comes with a 14.2-megapixel sensor that gives you low-noise images.

Single-Lens Translucent (SLT) is the brand's name for their products that are in between DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras (MILC). It has the brand's patented Translucent Mirror Technology, which enables you to effortlessly focus and shoot at the same time. One Sony SLT digital camera that's highly recommended is the a77 model. Said to be the world's fastest DSLR, it lets you shoot continuously up to 12 frames per second. It also has a 24.3-megapixel sensor that provides you with clear and detailed photos that are ideal even for enlarged printing.

Its DSLR-a900 boasts a 24 x 35.9mm-size CMOS sensor that's specifically created for this camera. Users of the older a700 rave about this newer model's features and capabilities, which are considerable improvements from the a700's. It is a "full frame" camera, which means you get a view of the actual size of the image that you'd like to take.

Whether it's a Sony DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera that you're planning to buy, check the features and functions of the model to make sure that that's what you need. Both the Cyber-shot and Alpha lines of Sony offer a wide range of specifications that will satisfy various imaging needs.

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Turn Your Photographs Into Stunning Easter Gift Ideas

The question of what constitutes Easter photos is something which will differ from person to person. For some it may mean a shot of your own children happily enjoying their latest batch of Easter eggs or playing in the spring sunshine, whilst others may prefer images of nature which capture the time of year when spring is beginning and the dark days of winter are finally being left behind. No matter what the actual nature of the photographs in question, however, the digital revolution and the inherent flexibility of digital imagery mean that they can be turned into a dazzling range of Easter gift ideas.

The best place to start, particularly if you're new to the concept of creating your own items from specific photographs, is with personalized greeting cards. Rather than having to go from shop to shop, trying desperately to find an image which isn't cliched, cheesy and boring, simply select the images which you feel best reflect your own feelings about this time of year and have them turned in greeting cards which are totally unique. Making your own cards is easier than you probably think - simply upload the images you've chosen to the right website and then let the user friendly software do the rest for you. The shape and size of the card is yours to tweak and alter, as is the presence of any written message you may wish to include. The finished card will be printed to the highest possible quality and will be as good as, if not better than, anything you can purchase on the high street.

Once you've created bespoke cards, and realized just how simple yet effective the process can be, you'll be in a position to broaden your horizons and look at the options for Easter gift ideas which are open to you. From relatively cheap yet cheerful items such as key rings, to full size canvas print works of art, the gifts in question will genuinely demonstrate the thought and time you've put into them. At the luxury end of the scale are bespoke photo books which collect any number of your favorite images together between the covers of a specially printed one off volume. Whether it's a year in your family's life, a holiday of a lifetime or a special day like a wedding, it will be preserved forever in the form of the kind of glossy, high quality volume which has hitherto been the preserve of professionals. Handing over a book such as this, and seeing the joy on the face of the recipient as they leaf through the pages and bask in the happy glow of the memories they capture, will truly make this an Easter which will never be forgotten.

The range of Easter gift ideas which you can create using your own special images is getting wider all the time. From personalised greeting cards to luxury quality photo books, there's simply bound to be something which you feel is absolutely perfect.