Taking Your Pick of Photography Courses

Photography courses are a dime a dozen especially with the boom in photography as a hobby. Every hobbyist wants to develop their photography skills by taking formal lessons under the guidance of professional photographers. But just because photography classes are available does not necessarily mean that you should enroll in virtually all of these sessions. Not only is this a waste of your time, effort and money but you will find that information overload can stifle your sense of creativity, which is arguably the most important trait in a successful photographer. Here are the best ways to take your best pick of photography courses.

#1 Set Your Goals

What exactly do you want to learn about taking photographs? What level are you in photography - beginner, level or advanced? What are your expectations regarding the classes and the instructors? When you have determined your goals about the courses, you can then narrow down your choices - or at the very least, evaluate whether the course will address your present requirements. Most photography programs provide descriptive titles and descriptions that leave little doubt as to the nature of the syllabus. For example, a class can be labeled as "Playing with the Technical Aspects of Cameras" so interested individuals can set their expectations.

#2 Start Searching

Your next step is to search for the photography courses that address your goals and expectations. Keep in mind that you are not just after commonplace photography tips that can be gathered from online sites but tips from the professionals so your best bets are to look for courses with professionals at the helm.

• Browse online sites for recommended courses.

• Ask your family and friends for recommendations of classes in your area.

• Join online forums dedicated to amateur and professional photographers since many great courses can escape your attention.

#3 Check the Syllabus and the Instructors

Once you have a shortlist of photography classes, you can then start evaluating their syllabus and instructors. Checking the syllabus translates to knowing exactly what you are getting into - the schedule of classes, the contents of the course, and the expectations of the instructors, for example. Checking the instructors' reputation including their portfolio and feedback means choosing only the best - or at least, someone you will actually admire for his work.

Beach Photography by Professionals

For any photographer worth his salt, the true test of his craft comes when he indulges in beach photography. There is much to love about a beautiful coastline: the pristine sands, the crashing waves and the lovely sunsets. It is common for many families to go for an outing to a coastal location. The parents and the children have a great time playing and bonding with each other. For many of these families it is a cherished time in their lives that they never want to forget. That is why they call on the services of a professional who has mastered the art of beach photography.

For many people the images that are clicked during the time spent on the coast forms an important family portrait that they keep forever. It often finds a pride of place on their living room wall. There is nothing better than showing a picture of a happy and healthy family to everybody who walks into the house. There is quite a bit of skill involved in beach photography. For one thing it is not merely about clicking images. It is also about being able to capture emotions. It is about being able to convey the mood of the moment to everybody who lays their eyes on the portrait. A skilled professional can capture the images in such a way that those who see the images can actually feel the love that the family members have for each other.

But no cameraman's can make their living purely on capturing images of families frolicking near the waves. They will need to expand their repertoire and have a diverse portfolio to attract more customers. That is why many of them also make a career as a wedding photographer. Marriages are an important time in people's lives. It signifies the end of one life and heralds the beginning of another. So, many people choose to hire an ace cameraman to capture the special moments that such an occasion often provides. At a marriage it is common for parents to shed tears of happiness, the priest to have a solemn look on his face when he is conducting the ceremony and the bride and the groom to look into each other's eyes lovingly when they are taking their vows. The couple would want these moments to be captured for posterity. Many people look through these albums in the autumn of their lives and think back to that special day. It is the images captured by the photographers that make all these memories possible.

While choosing a professional for clicking images for beach photography it is vital to look through the portfolio of work that they have done in the past. This is usually a good indication of the skill of the professional. The customer would be able to know if he can click images the way he wants it or not. Thanks to such skilled people because many people have been able to capture important occasions in their lives.

Resume Sample - Photographer Resume

Photography is about the depiction of your creative side via superior visual imagination backed up with appropriate technical knowledge. You may be a professional in snapping images at international events or a photography fancier interested in catching the glorious shades of nature through your camera. However, if you want to click the best opportunities of your career then you should come up with a well-defined, formally typed resume.

Photographer Resume Sample

Designing a photographer resume for the first time? Acquire state-of-the-art strategies through this hard-hitting resume sample and transform your resume into a high-quality one - capable of alluring the significant employers of your industry.

Vincent W. Harbor
2078 North Wing Highway, Oklahoma City, OK
(580) 567 4674

A visually-oriented digital photographer with over 5 years of hands-on experience in editorial and portrait photography.


Looking forward to develop as a skillful professional in the advancing sector of digital photography with the utilization of innovative and technically sound photoimaging expertise.

Key Strengths

a. Ability to apply reality to photographic works scoping from conventional to phantasmagorical concepts

b. Fine expertise with the utilization of color management and retouching techniques

c. Profound knowledge about cinematography, advertising photography, and digital imaging techniques

d. Appreciating skills with the use of camera such as the arranging the subject in the right frame, analyzing and capturing perfect emotions, adjusting the lens, shooting, lightning, etc

e. Skilled with the employment of impressive image styling methodologies

f. Possesses an eye for detail, sophisticated artistry competencies, and ability to keep calm in distressful situations

Professional Experiences

Digital Photographer
Shirley's Photography, Oklahoma City, OK
Mar 2012 - Present

a. Accumulating prepared commodities for merchandising which incorporate framed images, photographic albums, printed pictures, etc.

b. Researching about suitable photographic prospects, determining apt subjects, and discovering assorted locations (scenes) for capturing the exact images or video shoots

c. Coordinating with the consumers for confirming the type, quality, and usability of images. Besides, conferring about the technical issues, if any

Portrait Photographer
Shade Lovers, New York, NY
Jan 2010 - Mar 2012

a. Operating a panoramic range of instruments like flash attachments, tripods, etc., apart from the high-tech digital and customary cameras

b. Implementing air brushing and other required methods for resizing, colorizing, and enhancing the pictures along with their negatives

c. Getting actively involved in the investigation and study of newfound photography components or techniques

Editorial Photographer
Kingsbury Studios, Beaver, OK
Dec 2006 - Jan 2010

a. Adding appropriate captions, titles, or text to the images

b. Creating/improving innovative photographs that best complement to the story in a definitive visual manner

c. Consulting the writers, editors, and other professionals of the publishing houses regarding the image specifications and their business demands. Moreover, learning about latest marketing and advertising skills, including blogging


Diploma in Photoimaging
FVB Instituteof Arts, Moore, OK
Dec 2006

Master of Visual Arts, Digital Photography
Berkley University, Edmond, OK
June 2006

Bachelor of Arts, Photography
St. Peter's University, Tulsa, OK
June 2004

Technical Proficiencies

Mac OS
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Capture One Pro 7
ACDSee Pro 6
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6


Saga Magazine
Modeling and Fashion Photography
Yale Historic Art
Portrait Photography
Colors of Nature Art Exhibition
Digital Photography
Executive Magazine
Chicago, IL
SDV Awards
Las Vegas, NV

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